After MUCH discussion about your frustration in regards to adult intervention into your online lives, these were your first ideas of what YOU would like to see drafted into a "Student Bill of Rights":

May 2010

Dear every single adult in the world,
We know how much you care for kids and we can agree with that. But there is a particular line that you cannot cross. This line represents the difference between watching your kids and spying on your kids. Using soft wares to watch what your kids do it crazy. This is one of the many things that children deserve to use freely. Parents tend to be over-protective of their kids. Many rules at school can be insane. For example, the use of cellular devices, dress code, and laptop use in free periods. We think you should be allowed to use your cellphones during lunch and snack. If you do not do anything bad like text anyone this can not be a problem. The teachers and adults need to trust their students and kids more.

1. All teens should have privacy from teachers
2. We want to know if our parents are using monitoring software
3. Cell phones and email should be allowed during school but not during class
4. no trackers on cell phones
5. no chips in kid's bodies
6. No reading kids text messages

  1. Parents should (not stalk) your account
  2. Parents should have access to their childrens' online accounts so they what their children are doing
  3. cell phones SHOULD be allowed, especially if the child walks home alone
    When they are 12, it should be a safety precaution to have a phone
  4. Parents should not be allowed to check what their children have said in text messages.
  5. Parents should not be able to check their child's voice messages
  6. Children should not complain that they have no privacy on the internet because if they really wanted privacy so much they shouldn't join dangerous websites.
  7. Children should be allowed access to the computer at anytime especially for homework purposes.
  8. Parents should not question children after they have IM'ed with boys
  9. Children should not complain that teachers can access their online accounts, because when they joined the site they knew that it was public
  10. Children should be allowed to not friend their teachers on facebook

1) Privacy. This means what happens at home, or our of school, does not enter the school.
2) Use of private email. (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo) There is nothing wrong with these websites and frequently first class does work, or the server is down.
3) Use of cell phones. This does not mean in the middle of class you can start to text. This means during snack, lunch, or any other free periods we should be able to use our cell phones, because we are not learning at the time so it would not be such a big distraction at all.
4) Freedom of other websites. This does not mean allow access to Facebook, because that violated the first rule, however other websites such as game websites, etc. should be allowed when we are not currently in the process of learning.

1) students should not be stalked by teachers
2) students should have a chance to be responsible
3) students should have a certain amount of privacy on the internet, but their parents should be able to keep tabs on them
4) student's life outside of school should have little or no interference from their schools
5) students should not be spied on by parents (and teachers) without being informed about the spying.