Bullied, Joking Around, or Conflict?

What is the difference? With so much focus on bullying, are we all in agreement of what constitutes "bullying"? Please describe what you think is bullying. Is there any difference between bullying, joking around and conflict? If so, what are they??

Bullying is something that someone does to someone else so that they cannt"boost" their self esteem/confidence. Usually bullying is teasing, physical bullying(punching, fighting, etc...). There is no difference in bullying because there is always a victim and the victim gets hurt, no matter how you bully them.

I feel that bullying is when one person is in a conflict and has more power than the others. A conflict is when two people in a disagreement have equal power against each other. Joking around is between two close friends, clearly defined as a joke.

Bullying is anything where two or more kids interact, and one or more kids walks away hurt.

If it is a really good friend, joking around is ok. If you say "just kidding" at the end, it's ok to. But if you say something mean and mean it, that's bullying

"Joking Around= kidding around with your friends

Bullying= making fun of people you don't like

Conflict= two or more people fighting and not agreeing with each other."

I think that you should know the type of people you are with and what they would think is a joke or not. There's a certain type of bullying thats obvious which is hitting someone, but saying things can often just be meant as a joke.

Bullying is a widespread and serious problem that can happen anywhere. It is not a phase children have to go through, it is not "just messing around", and it is not something to grow out of. Bullying can cause serious and lasting harm to anybody who experiences

Bullying to me is much more severe than joking around. It is when someone is intentionally mean to someone, whether it's insulting someone or physically hurting someone. Some cases of joking around are considered bullying, but not all of them. Also, these cases are usually not very severe. To me conflict means difficulty. And I do not understand how it is the same as bullying.

I think that the difference between bullying and joking around is that when you are bullying someone, you intentionally try to hurt their feelings or upset them. Sometimes when you are joking around, you might not have thought that what you said or did would have a negative effect on that person. If you upset them, you definitely were not aiming to.

Can BTWF make a difference?

You are entitled to YOUR opinion - but you need to back it up by explaining why you hold that opinion?

I don't think it will make that big of a difference. i think that just because she is the famous and rich LADY GAGA, that she is no different from any other person who tries to make a difference in bullying.

Yes, if they (Lady Gaga etc.) are really serious about the foundation and have successful, clear and "cool" ideas, it could very possibly work.

I think that if Lady Gaga does the right thing, and leads the program the right way, it has potential to make a big difference. But so far, especially by not asking kids and the other victims of bullying and harassment, but by asking normal adults with a non-personal interest in the matter, it is going in the wrong direction.

Yes because Lady Gaga is influential and she has many fans that will follow her including me.

Yes, because Lady Gaga is a very important and influencial person. I also think "no", because some people might think its stupid.

It's worth trying but I don't think that it will make TOO much of a difference.

Bullying can't be stopped; it has developed in all human souls. It happens in everybody and everybody does it no matter what. There will always be a group of kids that will be mean.

I believe that it will make a difference. She is very well known internationally and is a big influence and an inspiration to many many people.

I think that the Born This Way Foundation can make a difference because many people are aware of pop and culture icons, especially Lady Gaga. If she were to tell someone to stop bullying someone else, they probably would because Lady Gaga told them so. For some reason, people listen to pop that starts because of their like (or dislike) of them and their immense popularity in today's society.

If you were well known and had abundant resources - how would YOU influence people? What cause would you take on?

It does NOT have to be the same issue as BTWF - What are you passionate about?

I don't know, maybe do the same thing, but I don't think that "foundations" help, because I don't think that it should be noticed and a big "to do".

I would tackle world hunger, homelessness, and poor/neglected/abused children.

I would take on the cause that is pressure. So many people live with pressure, whether it's pressure to do well, to be a certain way, or to be attracted to a certain gender. It is something that at some point everybody seriously deals with.

If I was famous, I would go to schools and meet the children to promote anti-bullying.

Helping dyeing animals such as polar bears, because people don't realize that one little action that someone does can affect the polar bears.

YOu could show by example, in lady gaga's case she can spend quality time with kids doing things that interests them and talking about it

About helping people and making people smile

If I were well known and had abundant resources I think I would try make sure that underprivileged children would get all the basic things they need, and give them chances for extra-curricular activities such as arts, academic, or sports that they otherwise wouldn't get.

Given that YOU are not YET rich & famous, what can YOU do as YOU to wield influence and change the world about the topic you just identified?

idk, maybe just sheets of paper handed out in schools that ask when you have been bullied and when you were bullied. after then the school would read the answers to the whole school, but without the names and people would see everything that really goes on.

I can join better-known, more successful foundations (http://thehpalliance.org/downloads/press/hpa-pr-02-04-11.pdf) and use my ideas and abilities to make a change in the world!

I can help those around me, that are searching for someone to be good to them, and to advise them based on my past experiences.

Get famous people to go to my school and let them meet the kids because I think that kids tend to listen when it is someone they look up to.

Have a bake sale to help the polar bears.

Lead by example, and dont promote bullying

I would create more foundations and spread the word that all I can do

I would try to talk to people and make them aware of things that I believe could enrich someone's life. I would encourage a "theatrical" person to talk part in the school play, or encourage an athletic to join their town's league of a sport. I believe that there is more to life then just the bare minimum and I think you should always try to focus what you are good at so your interests are always at hand.