Here are our recommendations!

My Recommendation is when Lady Gaga has an interview or a concert before or after the video she should talk for a couple of minutes about bullying or her foundation to keep spreading the word about Stop Bullying and Speak Up
I think that what this program is doing is great and it has the potential to be something that will have a big impact to our generations and generations to come as well. I think that Lady Gaga’s fame, popularity, and being known all over the world will make people want to follow this program. Maybe some kids would rather listen to a celebrity and their idol than their parents who sometimes won’t understand or listen to their kids.

  • I think this foundation is a great way of trying to cut down on bullying
  • I think it would also make kids feel that they are not alone and that there are other people who have problems with being bullied
  • I think that this foundation should try to reach out to children where the problem is mainly happening
  • I think this foundation will really help stop bullying because Lady Gaga is famous and people will want to listen to her
  • She could also talk about this foundation during her performances to get the foundation more publicity which might get more people involved
  • This foundation is a great idea because it may cause less bullying which would make other people feel better about themselves and also it would make them feel that they are not different anymore and that they are the same as all these other people in that nobody should be bullied

I think that Lady Gaga can effectively speak to kids online by posting either weekly or monthly videos on Youtube about bullying in stages of child. I am sure that most if not all kids go on Youtube and they would probably be inclined to check out her videos.
I would recommend that you should talk to many different schools; especially to the children, but not the adults as much. I think that since you cannot be everywhere at the same place, you can either make videos of your self, instructing the students/children, or can use Skype, Facebook, or AOL.

Try to keep you audience children, because the adults are not the ones that are
being bullied, the children are.

It would be much more affective if the foundation was more for children and teens
instead of parents who try to get in their children’s business, because it is not the
parents’ problem.

If you talk to people personally, it would be more affective than talking to a group,
because each person is bullied differently, and each problem has their own problem.

Dear Lady GaGa,
I’d just like to start by saying that I am a very, very big fan of yours and this is an huge honor to have a chance for you to hear my thoughts. I am very happy that you have start this wonderful organization and I fully support you in accomplishing your goals with this foundation. Although I do not have any doubts about my heterosexuality, I believe what you are doing will help many youths with their problems and make them feel confident enough to express it. My recommendation to you is to take a portion of your free time and to communicate with the schools who may include students that are having great difficulty dealing with their sexuality. I truly believe that no matter what you do, you will make an impact on the lives of those students. Good luck!!
Sincerely yours,N.Q.