Social Network: Friends

Who do you friend with?
- only friend with people that you know
- do not friend with people that you do not know because they may be trying to steal your information
- only friend with people that you have met
- do not friend with friends that your friends have suggested because you do not know that person and you are not sure if your friend knows that person either
- most people who have over 1,000 friends do not know most of them
- most people have less than 100 friends
- do not share any information about yourself that you do not want anyone to know
- some people pretend to be someone else on social networks so you should always make sure that the person you are talking to is the person they say that they are

What to do when a "friend" is not really a friend
- ask a parent- tell a parent hwat is going on-maybe your parents are not so bad after all
-tell a friend- maybe that friend could check out what is happening
-tell a teacher- probably ask the computer teacher in your school--they could probably find out what is happening in seconds
-tell you siblings or sibling if you have one - if you have an older sibling or even younger-- they could help you/ if you have an older sibling maybe from younger siblings..they might know a little something about the agenda
-be independent--maybe you could try to stick up for yourself
.....when someone is on the web that person never has any privacy.. people can try to hack into your facebook, email, or any website that they know who is on when you are on...especially when they are not buying it

Unfriending on Facebook

1. Write the persons full name on the search bar on Facebook
2. As you write the persons name, possible choices come up, even the ones you don't know
3. After you press the persons name, their profile page shows up on your screen
4. Then on the bottom left where it says "Remove From Friends"
5. After you click on the button, you'll be asked to confirm the action
6. Then click ok
7. Then after you know they the person is deleted, you will see, under there picture if you want to add that person to be your friend.
Friendin on Facebook

1. Log onto Facebook to start searching for our friends
2. Then you to the "My Friends" page
3. You will see the list of your friends and small details of them
4. Then type the person you want to add on the search bar
5. Click on the "Add to Friends" button next to the person's picture
6. After you click the button, the same thing will be asked to your friend that you want to be your friend for their approval.