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Be Brave: Answer Lady Gaga's Call to Action!

Pre-Launch: T2T Students Voice Opinions & Offer Advice

Middle school students learn more about the BTWF
They discuss Lady Gaga's motives, weigh possible success against possible failure
And, finally, make their own recommendations to Lady Gaga about how to make this work

Bullied, Joking Around, or Conflict?What is the difference? With so much focus on bullying, are we all in agreement of what constitutes "bullying"?Is there any difference between bullying, joking around and conflict? If so, what are they?
"I feel that bullying is when one person is in a conflict and has more power than the others.A conflict is when two people in a disagreement have equal power against each other.Joking around is between two close friends, clearly defined as a joke." ~7th grade student

Local News:

Englewood youth starts his own foundation to raise anti-bullying awareness.
He has been invited to attend the official "Kick Off" in Boston on Feb. 29th

Teacher Voice:

4 Driving Questions of BTWF Symposium
My notes for the Symposium:

Post Symposium News:

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