Kids generate questions and express their opinion about the newly formed, "Born This Way Foundation"

Why This Foundation?

- are you just trying to generate new fans? (motivation)
- why should we listen to you (street cred)
- how can she be an effective leader on these issues when she does things that offend people?
- hasn’t been a good influence, so why is she trying to be a good influence now
- Supporter of LGBT
- Bullied for being bisexual, ugly, weird (Maybe that’s her motive)
- Contradicts herself
“The three central themes that shape Lady Gaga’s music videos are sex, violence, and power.”
- Who is the audience that she is trying to appeal to? Adults that WERE bullied, or kids that ARE being bullied
-The Born This Way Foundation is an non-profit organization founded in 2011 by Lady Gaga focusing on youth empowerment and issues like self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, mentoring, and career development.

Giving Her the benefit of the doubt
- Gaga has long been an advocate of tolerance and has pushed an anti-bullying message through a number of platforms; she spoke out and called for bullying to be made illegal after the suicide of a gay student in September, and sent a moving video message to a teen on an anti-bullying campaign in November. In December, she even spoke with President Obama, sharing her experience and ideas on how to eradicate intolerance amongst the youth of America. THE LINK IS BELOW
- good person to do this because she already has a lot of attention (she isn’t just some “nobody” starting a foundation

- 4 out of twelve (1/3) think that gaga will make a difference

What would work?


What would not work?
going to schools and promoting kindness


Stupid Commercials

Pep rallies

dumbing things down

Focusing things at parents

adults getting too annoyingly involved